Counter Strike : Supply Evaluation

Gameplay – 9/10

Counter-Strike: Source is renowned for it’s multiplayer in Europe with many gaming leagues including it in their game list. Counter-Strike:Source (known as CSS from now) doesn’t have an individual player but this doesn’t take from the ability of the overall game as multiplayer offers much for the beginner, to the experienced player, whether that’s at CSS itself or FPSs. CSS has a completely different play style to many other FPSs, as an example the largely popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which for me, is easier to play than CSS. CSS does actually turn into a serious tactical game especially with the hundreds of clans about and many new ones spouting all the time. Along with clans many communities have servers for this game too so there’s always a server for you yourself to play on. All of the servers may have modifications implemented too which gives the overall game some diversity.

Once you start the multiplayer you have to select between two teams, Terrorists (Ts) and Counter-Terrorists (CTs). Usually you have to select no matter which team will make it balance because of server settings and to make the game fair. Next, you have 5 different characters to pick from on each team. They are just for looks because it’s once the round starts you have some dough which you earn from killing and your team winning the round. Also I believe there’s an occasion element in it too but I’m not as sure on the rule regarding time and cash. You’ve a range of guns to pick from your common rifles M4A1 for CTs and AK-47s for Ts in addition to an AWP but this really is usually restricted to one per team to produce it fair sell csgo skins. All the normal maps (you may also get many orange maps which are produced by people other than Valve, the creators) are either rescue the hostages or plant the bomb. They are self-explanatory. Most servers are generally 20-24 slot so have a much 9-11 other team mates with you as well.

Now, area of the tactical play to CSS is that if you die, you lose your guns which means you need to be careful and not just run out, especially just like you die, you have to wait till one team wins to respawn for next round (unless you’re on a death match server), so some players, if the changing times next to running out, will just’play for time’meaning they have no intention of killing but putting them off good enough to survive the round. This playing for time also happens following a bomb plant. I believe you are able to work out how that works.

Graphics – 7/10

The graphics in CSS are average but in all honesty, if you have a high-spec computer you don’t want the graphic settings on the very best they can as you wouldn’t get as good Frame rate which may, or will rather hinder you in game play as reaction times really count in this game.

Sounds – 9/10

Sounds are a very big part of game play in CSS and because of that they’re good. They’re a significant part because you can hear peoples’footsteps (unless they’re using Shift to walk) which enables you to prepare early and ambush them so in clan play it’s suggestible to walk around corners or areas that might have the enemy near by. Besides that, other sounds are good too just like the sound difference between an ordinary M4A1 and the sound you receive from a Silenced M4A1 has a sensible change. All grenades, flash bangs and smokes have a sound as well and they change depending on distance from you.


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